Hello everyone!

After so much activity in Florida with the previews we did, the rehearsals, the studio CD (yes, now available!), the press, and all the preparation, my visit to the UK is now a piece of my personal history. It was a delight from start to finish, not without some “stories to tell”, but my overall impression was that it was one of the best artistic experiences I’ve had.

The common attribute people have stated about the project was the great joy that just seemed to spring up from everyone involved. From the first rehearsals with Caryl Fantel at Arts Alive, to the previews at 15 different venues, from living rooms to art galleries, the studio recording with Caryl, Roy Fantel (percussion) and Rupert Ziawinski (bass) recorded at Baytle Music – with master engineer Newell Bate, to the English countryside, Market Harborough with it’s sold out premiere – where we ran out of encores! (and dressed in the hallway!) to the Pheasantry shows with Music Director Colin Billing, and the rock star treatment I received from David Kent and Simon Hall, meeting my sister in law and her husband for the first time (love you Mag and Mac!) to day long walks through the city and breakfasts in Hyde Park with the juggler, the squirrles and the beautiful weather, to traveling on the tube and the train, and an amazing dinner at one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the world, it was very much a joyous experience from start to finish.

It has been over a year since I embarked on this project, and I have come to love it more each day, as it contniues to develop into what it wants to be! We’re looking for venues to perform the show back in Florida now, and hope to repeat some of the gallery shows as well. The creative team clearly recognizes the requirements of the local market place here in South Florida, so we have set ourselves up for success in terms of offering options for performances of the show – I can do it as a solo show using background tracks from the studio session, supplemented by some piano recordings done by David Kent’s music director, Micheal Roulston, or I can do the show with live piano accompaniment provided by Caryl Fantel, or Mary Anne Morro, or we can present the show with the trio from the studio recording – we hope this will allow us to present the show in as many venues as possible, across South Florida, and eventually, other parts of the world.

We’re currently thinking “big picture” with this, and hope to mount an international tour in the future, at the same time, we’re planning visits to a number of cities, including Washington, DC, New York, Palm Springs/San Francisco/LA, and considering some invitations I’ve received to perform in Rio, Toronto, Israel, and others.

The show will be re-packaged a bit for future performances. We’re considering a new title that might better encapsulate the musical journey we take in the show – currently “Journeys of the Heart” is our new working title, we feel this is a bit more apt since the collection of songs really looks at a huge variety of experiences that touch the heart – from the first meeting with a newborn baby, to a rebirth of the spirit- a phoenix rising from the flames addressed in a song written for me for this show (thank you David Kent!) to first love, to lost love, “that” discussion” a son has with his father one inevitable day, and some wonderful moments of the heart along the way, this show really is a collection of stories beautifully told through song, highlighting the moments of life that might collectively be called “journeys of the heart”.

We look forward to sharing this delightful cabaret with audiences around the world in the future, so please stay tuned for updates.

My heart is filled with joy, and gratitude to everyone who knowingly, and unknowngly, made this journey one of the most insipring, and rewarding of my career to date. My best love to you all!